Invist - Free .NET O/R Mapper and Code Generator

Invist is a free O/R Mapper - Code Generator within Visual Studio .NET 2010. The Software simplifies access to an existing database by generating code of given tables, views and stored procedures.

Invist offers following functions:

  • full Visual Studio .NET 2010 integration
  • code generation for tables, views and stored procedures
  • strongly typed stored procedures
  • code generation for SQL-Server, Oracle, MySql, Sql Compact Edition, SQLite, VistaDB and Access
  • support of INotifyPropertyChanged interface for simple data binding
  • strongly typed filters on loading
  • custom enhancements of generated classes
  • full transaction safety
  • independent naming of .NET Code from database
  • Load and save data asynchronous by 'Asynchronous Method Pattern'