License agreement / license contract for the Software Invist

Please read the following terms of license before you use the Software solution 'Invist' from Mirko Meier:

The following license contract is a valid contract between the copyright holder and the user. The user is committed to destroy each copy if the user does not agree each article of the contract.
Contravention will be persecuted!

The software is and will be the ownership of the author (Mirko Meier). You have only the right to use the software.

You are allowed to use the current and all previous version(s) of the software for an indefinite period without a user fee.

You are allowed to make private copies and hand them on if all data stay in original condition. Publishing in the internet is not allowed. If you will hand on the software, you need a admission from the author (Mirko Meier).

You are not allowed to make changes (include decompile or dissamble) on the program and/or associated files.

Released software has been tested thoroughly; anyway the author (Mirko Meier) is not liable for possible damage caused by direct or indirect usage of this software. Software marked as "Beta" or "Release Candidate" is still in the phase of testing and quality assurance, so it is not possible to mark it as "Release". The incomplete testing is mostly just subject to new features and does not concern the previously released features.

Mirko Meier
Munich (Germany), 01. February 2008

Mirko Meier
Prinzregentenstrasse 103
D-81677 München